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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ab Rocket Twister-My Story Of Restoring My Lost Abs

The Ab Rocket Twister

If you want a well rounded shape ab,the ab rocket twister might just do it for you.Not too long ago, i bought this ab equipment and i can say it is a cutting edge abdominal exercise training machine.

It is pretty not too expensive as you van get at around $160.Now here is my story of what the Ab Rocket Twister is.

I am someone who used to be in shape and i could do well over 300 sit ups in 10 -15 minutes. My total core muscle strength is great too.By with age,and living a more sedentary lifestyle,i lost a lot of my muscle conditioning.I also have gain some weight over the years and i no longer have that kind of cool six pack abs that many people long for.

In a bid to get my sexy ab back, i got to know about the ab rocket twister.I saw this on an infomercial which most times i don't trust but this one caught my eye.On knowing that the Ab Rocker twister is great for people with lower back problem like i do,i believe the Ab Rocket Twister is just the right ab machine that i need.So, i didn't hesitate in buying it.

I got it delivered in a few days and it was easy to put it together.Since i bought it, i have been using it for 3-4 times every week and it is really very effective.

Fro me i like being able to watch the TV or listen to music while exercising at home.The Ab Rocket Twister is just the right for that.It gives the necessary support to make working the ab muscles an easy and comfortable thing to do.It help to support my body and back just the way i wanted it so that i don't have to worry too much while doing the rocking exercise motion.

The twisting motion this machine provides is really cool.May be because I'm a man,i don't feel comfortable sitting on my butt,while it twist my hips and swing my legs back and forth in the air.After doing this on a daily basis for a week, i got used to the strange motion but for now i don't like doing that.

My overall assessment is that the Ab Rocket Twister is really good and it allows for working out at home.I don't think it is okay to use as a primary cardio workout machine,that is what treadmills and elliptical machine are for. But,it do prove a great core muscle workout in 10 minutes.Even though i may not enjoy the ab twisting motion but I'm sure women would love using it.

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Ab Exercisers-The Popular Ones With Great Results

Ab Exercisers

In keeping fit, you need to go through some programs that is geared towards building your muscles.It involves building up biceps to triceps and the building of abs is one of the most popular workout program

To get this exercises on the right footing, the six pack abs do tell us to eat a balanced high protein,low carbohydrates diet and a regular abdominal exercises.

The Ab exercisers are then exercise equipment that help exercisers in their abdominal exercise routines.In fact,machines cannot do all the work as the building up of great washboard abs requires more than just exercise.It takes real discipline, determination and dedication to get it done.

Ab exercisers as said earlier are simply workout aids for exercises,as it ensures safe workout flow and proper workout positions.They are used to support workout regimens that would strengthen the rectum abdominis,popularly called the six pack muscles.

Some of the popular Ab exerciser that you find in market are:

The Exercise ball

This is one of the most common Ab exercisers.The exercise ball is really effective.It help to enhance the crunches by giving exerciser more muscle workout with the right consideration for your safety as well during the workout.

For a successful crunches with an exercise ball,you would have to lie face up on the ball,your two feet have to be firmly planted on the ground.Having this position as the starting point in your exercise will allow for the contraction of your muscles.You will lift up your upper torso off the ball about 2 to 3 inches in a 30 degree angle and you won't roll over or out of the exercise ball.

Though it may be tough doing this,but this is what you abs need to build it up.

The Roman Chair

Though called a roman chair, it really do not have anything to sit on.It is a pretty much padded board with 2 armrest on each side of the board,which is at a perpendicular angle to the floor.

If you want to tone your abdominal muscles, you will position your arms on the armrests,with your legs hanging towards the ground. you then lift your leg, reaching your knees to the chest and you are through with the ab workout flow.

In all,these two ab exercisers are not solely meant for abdominal exercises but they do perform the same function as well.

Ab Glider-Having An Effective Abs Workouts

Ab Glider

If you want your body to take the kind of shape like that of a movie star,you do need to commit yourself to getting it done as it requires a lot of hard work.There are some things that are easy when you want to lose weight but in all you need to be dedicated to doing them to see a lasting result.

Although in some cases, there may be some shortcuts,this doesn't mean you don't have to put in some serious effort on you part. But it is possible to go the way of shortcuts and still get maximum results.

Many people get on exercises like doing crunches or sit ups but don't get the kind of result they wanted as these exercise do not work up the entire core muscles.

It is ironic that exercise that may don't see as a way to work the core abdominal muscles do really do the work.This is one of the many ways Ab glider work in a superb way to help tone your muscles faster and more efficiently that you ever expected.

The Features Of the Ab Glider

The edge to the success of ab glider is that is combines two motions into one.This dual motion training is like the knee-boarding activity,where you not just back and forth,but from side to side.The effect is not just that it doubles the amount of calories that you burn,but it also allows you to activate up to 44% more muscles than traditional exercises.

In addition,the ab glider help to keep your body healthy.It has been problematic for people doing sit ups as they end up having serious back or neck pain.This resulted in people moving over to crunches as it will not have the same neck or back effect.

The Ab Glider also helps to reduce the risk of injury by positioning your body above the floor.This allow you to glide to and fro through the air as it help maximize the amount of calories you burn as you at the same time limit the risk of injuries.

Although other exercise machine do have problems with their make up and design as that bring about jerky movement that can reduce the number of calories you burn,frustrate your workouts and could cause injuries.

In the case of Ab Glider,it has a 180-degree rotation track to help remove this kind of problem that other machine have.It gives you a smooth lateral movements as you go back and forth in a vertical motion.The track get locked right in place to give sturdy and effective workout.

when you start out with your Ab glider,you will be given an easy to use device that takes little effort to learn in no time.It has some bonus features to help you know your way around it.

The Ab Glider system comes with an on-board computer that will help keep track of your workout progression.With all this combine,you will in no time be on your way to getting a brand new body.

Ab Cruncher-Ways To Use The Ab Cruncher For Abs Workouts

Ab cruncher
Are you of those who just got an ab cruncher machine and would want to know how to use it.Like most of the things we use, there is a right way and a wrong way to use things especially if they are new to you.

Here is how to safely approach you ab cruncher training.

1.Ensure that your room is spacious for exercise.The ab cruncher machine is a small and you won't have provide with the space it will will only need a few feet around you if you lie on the floor or a few feet around you if your machine is upright.

2.You should start these exercise after you might have warmed up.You can have this warm up routine like light jogging,skip rope or even do jumping jacks.All this is to speed up your heart rate a little without really exerting yourself too much.You need to get your blood flowing to your muscles.

3.After warming up,do some light stretching.after which you can proceed to use your new ab cruncher.

4.When using the ab cruncher, you have to position yourself with your hands grabbing the handles overhead.Some ab crunch machine do have places to anchor your feet into the right position.

5.After getting you balance well,breathe out and draw in your stomach.Then use your abdominal muscles to draw you forward.Don't use your head or arm movement as aid.The exercise must be to stretch your abs and without doing this,it won't be effective.

6.Repeat this for 20 times.If you can, do 3 sets of 20 repetitive exercises.If you find it hard to repeat and do as many as you can, do not worry if you can't call all 20 repetitions for the 3 sets.With time you will be able to do that.

If you feel up to it, you may consider doing more repetitions. Some ab cruncher machines do allow you to do this easily.This is because they are designed to allow you to continually get more resistance i order to get larger and more defined abs.

There are some people who well on an exercise program where they do their ab workout 3 times per week.You can do this but there is a diminishing return that may set in.If you do more ab workout which your body cannot take, you better stop as you body should be the proper guide to alert you if you don't feel up to it anymore. you can then wait a day or two between abs workouts.

You can as well incorporate different exercise to your routine. you could do back exercise as this put your abs in developing the right shape.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Abs Workout For Men-Looking Cool With Abs

Best abs workout for men

These days a lot of movie stars are showcasing abs that look like a washboard,especially men who wanted to wear this new look and are wondering how they can have this kind of abs and which ab workout can help them get that attractive look. There quite a lot of abs workout that men could try out and then choose the one that best suit them.

In actual fact not many men can easily perform some of the abs workouts that are prevalent from the woodwork,that is a few number of men can endure what it takes to have those killer abs in a short time. It is noteworthy that having attractive abs can take some time to build up and if you can be persevering and patient,you will develop those six pack abs you really desired.

What thing you should know to get the best abs workout for men is to look for one that will work for you. You need to know that not all exercises have the same results for each person.That is, you need to find which abs workout that you are at home with and would produce the results you really want. When you start,the results may not be evident for all to see as it mat take time for those abs to develop especially if you have to lose some unwanted fat in the first place.

Some of the likely selection of best abs workout for men are those that help build strength in your mid-section and not just cuts and definition.Some popular ones for abdominal exercises are crunches and sit-ups.

However,these are not enough to give you the kind of abs you wanted but you will have to do the proper exercise routine that include some cardio and fat burning exercises to help you build the abs you want.