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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ab Rocket Twister-My Story Of Restoring My Lost Abs

The Ab Rocket Twister

If you want a well rounded shape ab,the ab rocket twister might just do it for you.Not too long ago, i bought this ab equipment and i can say it is a cutting edge abdominal exercise training machine.

It is pretty not too expensive as you van get at around $160.Now here is my story of what the Ab Rocket Twister is.

I am someone who used to be in shape and i could do well over 300 sit ups in 10 -15 minutes. My total core muscle strength is great too.By with age,and living a more sedentary lifestyle,i lost a lot of my muscle conditioning.I also have gain some weight over the years and i no longer have that kind of cool six pack abs that many people long for.

In a bid to get my sexy ab back, i got to know about the ab rocket twister.I saw this on an infomercial which most times i don't trust but this one caught my eye.On knowing that the Ab Rocker twister is great for people with lower back problem like i do,i believe the Ab Rocket Twister is just the right ab machine that i need.So, i didn't hesitate in buying it.

I got it delivered in a few days and it was easy to put it together.Since i bought it, i have been using it for 3-4 times every week and it is really very effective.

Fro me i like being able to watch the TV or listen to music while exercising at home.The Ab Rocket Twister is just the right for that.It gives the necessary support to make working the ab muscles an easy and comfortable thing to do.It help to support my body and back just the way i wanted it so that i don't have to worry too much while doing the rocking exercise motion.

The twisting motion this machine provides is really cool.May be because I'm a man,i don't feel comfortable sitting on my butt,while it twist my hips and swing my legs back and forth in the air.After doing this on a daily basis for a week, i got used to the strange motion but for now i don't like doing that.

My overall assessment is that the Ab Rocket Twister is really good and it allows for working out at home.I don't think it is okay to use as a primary cardio workout machine,that is what treadmills and elliptical machine are for. But,it do prove a great core muscle workout in 10 minutes.Even though i may not enjoy the ab twisting motion but I'm sure women would love using it.

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