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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ab Cruncher-Ways To Use The Ab Cruncher For Abs Workouts

Ab cruncher
Are you of those who just got an ab cruncher machine and would want to know how to use it.Like most of the things we use, there is a right way and a wrong way to use things especially if they are new to you.

Here is how to safely approach you ab cruncher training.

1.Ensure that your room is spacious for exercise.The ab cruncher machine is a small and you won't have provide with the space it will will only need a few feet around you if you lie on the floor or a few feet around you if your machine is upright.

2.You should start these exercise after you might have warmed up.You can have this warm up routine like light jogging,skip rope or even do jumping jacks.All this is to speed up your heart rate a little without really exerting yourself too much.You need to get your blood flowing to your muscles.

3.After warming up,do some light stretching.after which you can proceed to use your new ab cruncher.

4.When using the ab cruncher, you have to position yourself with your hands grabbing the handles overhead.Some ab crunch machine do have places to anchor your feet into the right position.

5.After getting you balance well,breathe out and draw in your stomach.Then use your abdominal muscles to draw you forward.Don't use your head or arm movement as aid.The exercise must be to stretch your abs and without doing this,it won't be effective.

6.Repeat this for 20 times.If you can, do 3 sets of 20 repetitive exercises.If you find it hard to repeat and do as many as you can, do not worry if you can't call all 20 repetitions for the 3 sets.With time you will be able to do that.

If you feel up to it, you may consider doing more repetitions. Some ab cruncher machines do allow you to do this easily.This is because they are designed to allow you to continually get more resistance i order to get larger and more defined abs.

There are some people who well on an exercise program where they do their ab workout 3 times per week.You can do this but there is a diminishing return that may set in.If you do more ab workout which your body cannot take, you better stop as you body should be the proper guide to alert you if you don't feel up to it anymore. you can then wait a day or two between abs workouts.

You can as well incorporate different exercise to your routine. you could do back exercise as this put your abs in developing the right shape.

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