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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ab Exercisers-The Popular Ones With Great Results

Ab Exercisers

In keeping fit, you need to go through some programs that is geared towards building your muscles.It involves building up biceps to triceps and the building of abs is one of the most popular workout program

To get this exercises on the right footing, the six pack abs do tell us to eat a balanced high protein,low carbohydrates diet and a regular abdominal exercises.

The Ab exercisers are then exercise equipment that help exercisers in their abdominal exercise routines.In fact,machines cannot do all the work as the building up of great washboard abs requires more than just exercise.It takes real discipline, determination and dedication to get it done.

Ab exercisers as said earlier are simply workout aids for exercises,as it ensures safe workout flow and proper workout positions.They are used to support workout regimens that would strengthen the rectum abdominis,popularly called the six pack muscles.

Some of the popular Ab exerciser that you find in market are:

The Exercise ball

This is one of the most common Ab exercisers.The exercise ball is really effective.It help to enhance the crunches by giving exerciser more muscle workout with the right consideration for your safety as well during the workout.

For a successful crunches with an exercise ball,you would have to lie face up on the ball,your two feet have to be firmly planted on the ground.Having this position as the starting point in your exercise will allow for the contraction of your muscles.You will lift up your upper torso off the ball about 2 to 3 inches in a 30 degree angle and you won't roll over or out of the exercise ball.

Though it may be tough doing this,but this is what you abs need to build it up.

The Roman Chair

Though called a roman chair, it really do not have anything to sit on.It is a pretty much padded board with 2 armrest on each side of the board,which is at a perpendicular angle to the floor.

If you want to tone your abdominal muscles, you will position your arms on the armrests,with your legs hanging towards the ground. you then lift your leg, reaching your knees to the chest and you are through with the ab workout flow.

In all,these two ab exercisers are not solely meant for abdominal exercises but they do perform the same function as well.

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